Welcome to Takemura's Laboratory
We study about synchrony of interesting activity in fishes to coral reef environments


New Pictures

Research in Bicol, the Phillipines. I went to Bicol in order to carry out preliminary research on comparative study of reproduction in rabbitfishes between the Phillipne and Indonesia from September 6 to 12, 2010.

I organized the summer school for high shcool students from 17 to 18th July, 2010.

We visited Jeju, Korea to carry out researches on wrasse reproduciton from 2 to 7 July, 2010.

I visited Pusan, Korea again to do seminar from 27th to 30th, May, 2010.

Lab party on Campus on 21 May, 2010.

Graduation celemony on 23rd March, 2010.

We went to Prince George, Canada, in order to seek the possibility of bilateral agreement between our university and university of northern British Columbia from 14th to 19th March, 2010.

FInal presentation for the honor program on 23rd February, 2010.

Defence of master program on 18th February, 2010.

Research in Indonesia from 23 to 29 January, 2010. We went to Semarang, Indonesia, in order to collect some samples and to discuss regaring further collaborations.


Christmas party in 2009 (23 December, 2009).

Invited seminar in Pusan, Korea (20 to 22 December, 2009)

7th International Workshop on the Oceanography and Fisheries science of the East China Sea (2009 ESC workshop) (3 to 7 December, 2009).

Lab party in 2009 (16 October, 2009)

Sapporo Sympsium on Biological Rhythm in Sapporo (1 to 4 August, 2009)


Graduation celemony on 23 Mar 2009.

Annual report of 21century COE program (2009.3.14).

Deep-sea symposium (2009.3.12-13) in Tokyo.

Final presentation of honor program, master and doctor.

Research in Indonesia from 8 to 13 December, 2008.